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I would highly recommend parents, teachers, principals and allied health professionals attend one of Sarah's workshops. Sarah's extensive knowledge and relaxed style of presenting make her workshops a pleasure to attend and extremely informative. I attended one of Sarah's workshops in October 2017- The Reading Difficulties Workshop. I am a specialist teacher myself, however, I always go away with a stack of great, practical ideas to use with my students.  

 - Catherine, Specialist Teacher

As a parent and educator I found Sarah's conference highly practical. She clearly identifies why children have reading difficulties, the areas that need to be the focus and an abundance of resources that range from free apps and websites to books. Her talk was engaging and well balanced between theoretical background and the practical information which is what most of us are craving. I'm so glad I gave up my Saturday to meet with such a caring and passionate consultant who is striving to make a difference to everyone she meets.  

 - Diana, Classroom Teacher and Mum of two with Specific Learning Difficulties

If you are a parent, a teacher, a person with learning difficulties or an allied health professional; you must meet Sarah!!  

No matter whether you know nothing about learning difficulties or if you want to expand your knowledge or if you want a second opinion. She is the right professional!

Her workshop was worth every single cent.  

She has the ability to explain really complex topics in a way everyone can understand. She also has lots of great resources ideas you can start using straightaway.  

I am a Speech Language and Hearing Therapist myself but I met Sarah early this year, as a mum of a 8yo son with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and a situational anxiety.  

Our family has no words to thanks her enough. In just 3 months my son has learned more than he did in 2.5 years at school.  

She is very knowledgeable, she knows and is passionate for what she does and above all, she believes in our child’s potential!  

 - Leticia, Speech Therapist and Mum of son with Specific Learning Difficulties

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